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Golden Cross Casket
Product Code: #100812

Another quality casket that is MADE IN THE USA!  The classic symbol of the Freedom in Christ that is for all of us! This 20 gauge casket is designed with a full gasket and "end lock" so the lids seal very tight.

The Monterey Gold finish is highlighted with Gold Pin striping and then complimented by the subtle Gold handle bars and corners. To finish all the Gold touches this casket has, the panel has a Golden Cross.

The panel has a beautiful draped Golden Cross design and the entire casket is tailored with Eggshell (off white) Crepe. The inside is designed with an adjustable bed to provide the proper height for viewing

Standard shipping included delivered to any funeral home - Price: $1175.97

Any special shipping charges are extra, and vary based on the time of need for delivery and area of the United States. Most shipments are "door to door" per your instructions- usually to the funeral home you have chosen. The funeral home is forbidden by law to require you to be present upon delivery, but you may wish to monitor the delivery time and have them verify the arrival and condition.
Savon Caskets have 100's of caskets styles available.
We offer metal made to order caskets  delivered to the funeral home within 3 to 4 business days, with special shipping instructions.

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 Federal Law says a funeral home cannot refuse to use or handle a casket provided by the family,
but you may wish to be present to verify the delivery time and condition