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Eden’s Rest Lavender
Product Code: #8069

Finished in lavender with light purple accents
Interior is fitted in velvet with a French fold design
Swing bar handles
Full Rubber gasket seal
Locking mechanism
Adjustable Bed
Matching Pillow and throw
18 gauge carbon steel
Fits in a standard 30 inch Burial vault

Standard shipping included delivered to any funeral home - Retail Price $ 3400.00 Your price $1550.00

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Cameo Rose Steel Casket
Product Code: #SC100122

This feminine stylish selection is something everyone will love! With 2 Tone shading and the Natural Brushing on the Lids and Sides, the tones are peaceful and comforting.

This selection is a 20 Gauge steel casket built with a full gasket and "end lock" design that will pull the lids tight. The outside handles are "swing bar" design with delicate Rose decals on every corner and each of the side lugs.

The interior is a high grade Pink Frost crepe throughout, completely tailored over an adjustable bed for proper height during viewing. Inside the panel is a unique Veiled Rose displayed with 4 sweeping corner rays.

Standard shipping included delivered to any funeral home - Price $1575.97

Tribute to Father  Casket
Product Code: #SC103919

"Honor your Father and Mother that your days may be long" is what the Scriptures promise us. As a final Tribute, this selection displays the Honor he is due!

Gauge: 18 gauge American Steel
Protection: fully gasketed and locking system
Design: Swing Bar handles w/scroll corners and sides
Interior: White frost Crepe with tailored adjustable bed
Exterior: Dark Blue w/Sky Blue 2 Tone & Silver shading
Panel: Embroidered FATHER within the Wreath & Side drapes

Standard shipping included delivered to any funeral home - Price $1575.97

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Until We Meet Again/Wedding Ring  Casket
Product Code: #SCM100857B2Blue

This is a great selection for the husband or wife who wish to make the statement “Together Forever”. It comes in a Brushed Ocean Blue top & sides with silver gray shades. The case is made of 18 gauge steel.

The interior fabric is made of Light blue frost crepe. The casket features a fully adjustable inner casket bed. The head panel design shows Gold intertwined “Wedding Rings” to express true love. This selection has a full gasket w/ lock.

Standard shipping included delivered to any funeral home - Price $1625.97

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Silver Rose Trellis Casket
Product Code: #SCM 107397

Beautifully finished Round Shell casket design with Silver Rose shades and Coppertone swing bar casket handles and sides. Solid 18 Gauge Carbon Steel complete with a light rose Velvet interior with the Fan Rose embroidered panel. Full Gasket and Lock system.

Fully adjustable inner casket bed to provide for proper visitation and casket viewing in the church or chapel. No finer selection is available at this price.

Standard shipping included delivered to any funeral home - Price $1674.97

Carnation Empress Casket
Product Code: #SCM 106327

This casket is made with a special rounded shell design 18gauge carbon steel casket with full gasket and lock. Ivory white with a fine coral shading highlight the Carnation emblems outside as well as embroidered Carnation "Primroses" on the casket head panel.

Pink Frost Crepe is tailored over a fully adjustable casket inner bed. One of the most selected caskets in the country. An elegant, feminine and classic selection among our caskets.

Standard shipping included delivered to any funeral home - Price $1625.97

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Autumn Haze
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 Copper Brushed
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 Copper Brushed
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 Venetian Bronze
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La Pieta Casket
PC# PCKVP97 -  Autumn Haze
PC# Epp69COPP - Copper Brushed
PC# 18PIETA - Bronze/Gold
PC# EVPEIT20 - Venetian Bronze

The La Pieta selection is the most popular religious casket in the United States. Made with 18gauge steel and built with a full gasket and lock.

The interior is tailored with a fine grade Rose Tan Crepe fully shirred with a classic panel design. There no reason to overspend by paying funeral home prices and receiving less quality, when you can chose one of our 4 La Pieta selections and get high quality at factory + pricing and save.

Note- we can build this with velvet fabric if you chose, for an additional $100.

Standard shipping included delivered to any funeral home - Price $1674.97


Any special shipping charges are extra, and vary based on the time of need for delivery and area of the United States. Most shipments are "door to door" per your instructions- usually to the funeral home you have chosen. The funeral home is forbidden by law to require you to be present upon delivery, but you may wish to monitor the delivery time and have them verify the arrival and condition.
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