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Golden Sunlight Casket
Product Code: #SCM102172

A burst of gold with contrasting white, this selection surely gets the attention of everyone who sees it!

Gauge - 20 gauge American steel
Protection - full gasket and end lock sealing
Design - Gold mirror sides with White handle Swing bar handles
Interior - fully adjustable bed tailored with White Frost crepe
Exterior - high gloss White w/Gold Shading
Panel - Golden embroidered Praying Hands

Standard shipping included delivered to any funeral home - Price $1425.97

Florence Ebony Casket
Product Code: #SC101650BLK

Gauge of Steel: 20 gauge high Quality Carbon Steel.
Proudly Made in America with top quality craftsmanship!

Color Description: Silver and Black "2 Tone" with stamped embossed design on the edges of the shell.
Handle Styles: Stationary handles with bright plating in the wrap around fashion to allow it easy for the pallbearers to carry.

Interior: Silver Crepe with Tuxedo tuft panel A complete gasketed and lock model.

Standard shipping included delivered to any funeral home - Price $1425.97

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Black Mirror Reflection Casket
Product Code: #SC102369

A stunning black finish is used for this casket with a touch of silver chrome pin striping on the top and bottom edges. The mirror on all sides reflects completely around the casket.

Made with 18 gauge steel complete with adjustable bed and tailored White Frost crepe fabric. The panel is finished with a tufted and piped pattern and comes with a locking mechanism along with a gasket between the led and shell section of the casket.

Standard shipping included delivered to any funeral home - Price $1435.97

Florence Pink Casket
Product Code: #C101071PNK

With White and Pink embossed side rails, light carnation pink tones and an ivory white shade, this unit is definitely a feminine selection.

The interior is quality light pink crepe with a tufted panel design. 20 gauge steel with a full adjustable inner bed. Complete with full locking and gasketed system for protection

Standard shipping included delivered to any funeral home - Price $1425.97

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Florence Bronze Casket
Product Code: #

Embossed side rails, deep and rich Copper and Bronze tones, with a Tan crepe interior and tuft panel. Tailored over a fully adjustable inner bed. This casket has both an old fashioned, yet modern image that makes it a very popular selection.

This 20 Gauge Carbon Steel casket comes with a hidden end lock device and full gasket. Truly a unique and dignified choice.

Standard shipping included delivered to any funeral home - Price $1425.97

Angels Watching Casket
Product Code: #SCM104266

Keeping American families working! Only the Quality and Craftmanship you have from an American factory, and Factory Direct prices to give you the lowest cost anywhere!

Pure White with the tint of Gold, the Angels appear to be keeping watch over your loved one!

Gauge: 20 gauge American Steel
Protection: full gasket and locking system
Design: Gold swing bar handles, Angel corners
Interior: White frost crepe with adjustable bed
Exterior: White with Gold Pinstriping
Panel: Double "T" Ray design

Standard shipping included delivered to any funeral home - Price $1425.97

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Orchid Alameda Casket
Product Code: #SCM105931

This selection is finished in a gorgeous Dark Orchid color complimented with sturdy casket hardware with chromed attachments. Silver shades highlight the top and bottom of the shell.

The shell is made of 20 gauge steel, with an interior of light pink crepe fabric with a casket panel featuring a beautiful "Bow-Tie" design.

This is an excellent casket selection for anyone in your family. This selection is a "sealer" casket with full gasket and lock.

 You can add a custom lid panel for $95. The designs available are Military, Religious, Mother, Father, written phrases or scriptures. Ask our sales agent about other possibilities.  Nick@ (206) 390-3797 or John@ (206) 445-9905

Standard shipping (2-4 days depending on location of ship to location) is free. Overnight or newt day shipping is available at an additional cost.   

Standard shipping included delivered to any funeral home - Price $1425.97

Chapel Cross Casket
Product Code: #101525
The Chapel Cross selection shown, is built with 20 Gauge Carbon steel, the color is pure white with gold pin striping. The handles are white with gold corner, end and side hardware. The interior has an adjustable bed for appropriate viewing, covered with a fine quality white crape fabric and a head panel with a scene of a chapel window with a praying hands scene embroidered in gold colored tread.

This selection comes equipped with a gasket and a locking mechanism.

Standard shipping included delivered to any funeral home - Price $1410.97

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Any special shipping charges are extra, and vary based on the time of need for delivery and area of the United States. Most shipments are "door to door" per your instructions- usually to the funeral home you have chosen. The funeral home is forbidden by law to require you to be present upon delivery, but you may wish to monitor the delivery time and have them verify the arrival and condition.
Savon Caskets have 100's of caskets styles available.
We offer metal made to order caskets  delivered to the funeral home within 3 to 4 business days, with special shipping instructions.

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 Federal Law says a funeral home cannot refuse to use or handle a casket provided by the family,
but you may wish to be present to verify the delivery time and condition